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  1. My Vacation
  2. Welcome to Roughing the Punter
  3. Penny Stocks, Make or BreaK?
  4. Custer NFL Play
  5. Any opinion on where the Steeler/Raven game closes?
  6. Your stable of pros
  7. 'Soccer Betting 101'
  8. In-Game Thread is Open
  9. Ghosts
  10. AFC Championship In-Game Thread is Open
  11. Early SB line
  12. Sb un 47.5
  13. matchbook
  14. For anyone in Vegas looking at AZ plus points or PIT ML...
  15. Images
  16. Super bowl bet I made.
  17. The 10 Attributes of a Great Trader
  18. I suck at the poker
  19. Ask Not, What Roughing the Punter can do for you...
  20. SB Bets
  21. GS as a long term financial play?
  22. Widening Sovereign Spreads and “Re-Coupling” are Dominant Themes on Inauguration Day
  23. Switching from limit to no-limit
  24. Tennis Anyone?
  25. Cards
  26. Why wasn't this forum just named Beyond Capping Part Deux
  27. Interesting opinion from someone in the know
  28. The SuperBowl Fortnight: When Two Sharp Worlds Collide
  29. Soccer betting; good sites for reference and information.
  30. Testing Sports Hypotheses
  31. Oh geez, I guess I better post this here.
  32. LOL at Hilton -101
  33. Soccer questions
  34. How did you do this year?
  35. Most Imaginative Prop In Las Vegas
  36. "Laziest Sportsbook Lumps" Award
  37. Wigan v LIVERPOOL
  38. Day Traders
  39. Leroy's radio show to go off the air
  40. ML betting
  41. CBB road favorites
  42. NBA 2nd Half betting
  43. Time For The Hosts To Pick The Superbowl (Or Anything Close)
  44. Instant Messenger Virus
  45. Leroy's Killed The Radio Star
  46. My Latest Missive From Gary Greene
  47. Just curious- let's take a vote:
  48. Rubber room
  49. Long Beach State -5
  50. New Room Now Open!
  51. jon
  52. CBB/NBA 2Hs in blowouts
  53. Pocket Aces
  54. JK and others picks on the Leroy's show
  55. Fundamental books/texts for technical analysis?
  56. Chicago Bulls tonight is an example of why I believe home dogs will lose going forward
  57. DSL or Cable?
  58. Who Has Access To My (And Your) Privates?
  59. Can we get a cards forum?
  60. How many non-sportsbook entities will have more than a mil on the SB?
  61. Liverpool v CHELSEA +0.25
  62. Super Bowl In-Game Forum Now Open.
  63. Superbowl Doesn't Disappoint
  64. Anybody know where to get international hoop scores?
  65. A very good feeling
  66. Where was God?
  67. Gold/Platinum bullion
  68. What the hell is up with the utah/bobcat total split today?
  69. Santonio Holmes celebrates at the five yard line, team down by 3...
  70. What In The Hell Is Wrong With Dave Cokin?
  71. Pinnacle cancelling bets?
  72. PORTSMOUTH +0.75 v Liverpool
  73. Hypothetical question
  74. Be careful Downtown
  75. Should NFL Eliminate Overtime Coinflip?
  76. Prop argument
  77. Low Rounds on the South Course at Torrey Pines
  78. Sorry Jon, but this stuff is too good :)
  79. Quirky NBA stat of the week
  80. Leroys in trouble?
  81. Boaz Weinstein
  82. So, ARod juiced
  83. Gonzaga/Memphis: Can I Be Euthanized Now?
  84. Kelly Calculator
  85. Sacramento State +23
  86. Sunday Tout Interest
  87. I Don't Get Futures Markets
  88. I still run bad
  89. Lucky's sportsbook operating a Ponzi scheme?
  90. I Need A 20-Scar PrayMaker GOY Bad Tonight!
  91. When Sports Dies On Wednesday, We Have Obama
  92. A Pick A Day, Documentation, And That's All We Ask
  93. Dreamer's Service Plays Inc.
  94. Allocation Advice
  95. The almighty closing line
  96. There's a new sheriff in town.
  97. Wrong side. Right number. SMC 2h +4.5
  98. Could An RTP Contest Be Far Behind?
  99. Rookie Soph action
  100. Horse Sense
  101. Shaquille O'Neal 60-1 MVP Of All Star Game
  102. Our Only Financial Salvation: Sports Gambling
  103. Any Picks For Today?
  104. Checking Back Late Afternnoon.
  105. Josh Jenkins out for Northridge
  106. gulfstream selections for weds
  107. conference call
  108. Forbes Names Las Vegas Nation's "Emptiest City"
  109. City Center As an Ugly Building
  110. What Types of Advantage Players Are Happy?
  111. Outliers
  112. Derby futures?
  113. Tonight - One Night Only...
  114. Jon
  115. Which Sportsbooks Were Robbed Last Month?
  116. Friday at the RTP OTB
  117. Next Shoe To Drop: Credit Card Debt
  118. Uncle Richies Horse Racing Selections 2009
  119. Don't Call That 900-Number Quite Yet
  120. Forum Software Question: The Ignore Feature
  121. Anyone in the Bay Area?
  122. "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" at the LVRJ Website
  123. Sunday Matinee NBA Unders
  124. Are These Posters Really That Dumb?
  125. Leaving LVA And EOG In The Broad Daylight
  126. Barack Puts Me Back On The Salamders Game Today
  127. I've Got To Get My Money To Carnival Games!
  128. amex paying off folks to close accounts
  129. Mortgage/house free roll
  130. A Couple of Site Notes
  131. Freaky NBA trend
  132. X-bet re: NBA System
  133. Poker Forum
  134. Deal or No Deal
  135. I'm transferring my membership from BC
  136. Citi Field: Another Good Reason To Bet On The Salamanders Rather Than The Stock Market
  137. Sahara Hotel Offering Unlimited Roller Coaster Rides For Eating Oversized Burrito
  138. Dow off 50% from it's peak
  139. Meet the newest Vegas scumbag sports book Director.
  140. Matt Cassel traded to KC Chiefs
  141. "The rim is wound tighter in Rupp Arena"
  142. Stick With The Salamanders Again Tonight
  143. The Month of March For RTP Has To Get Better
  144. Good Home Team vs Great Overall Team
  145. Suggestion for this site
  146. "Jeff" Back On Top at LVA
  147. "The Celebrity Apprentice:" Annie Duke
  148. test
  149. Options trade
  150. Craps As Your Salvation
  151. Another Lonely Day At RTP
  152. Blackouts: The MLB TV Package, DirecTV, and Cable In Las Vegas
  153. Citigroup Under $1 A Share
  154. New York Times Article about betting Ivy League Hoops
  155. Santa Anita Big Cap Day Betting Guide
  156. Next Great Baseball Power: The Netherlands
  157. New Beyond Counting out...
  158. powerful rebound day:
  159. Did Don Sclesinger Come Up With This Timing To Fight Fezzik?
  160. SuperDave Mathews Blog At LVA On Becoming a Professional Gambler
  161. Bearish investments
  162. Lifetime At Bernie's
  163. CBB: teams playing back-to-back
  164. Kentucky Derby Future Wager, Pool 2
  165. Computer Bob: Let's Scrap The Other SportsMemo Forum and Start Over
  166. Max Wieters
  167. The ReIntroduction To Alan Boston
  168. OMG Arizona?
  169. Bac
  170. Tournament picks
  171. Your Chance At Winning AT The Big Dance
  172. Good luck to all this tourney!
  173. Predicted Steam plays in the tourney........
  174. Can someone post what Boston's tourney plays were in 1 post?
  175. Where's Fez or PC; is this a good bet?
  176. Now Is The Time For Obama To "Legalize" Offshore Sports Gambling
  177. Wake Forest: Why Do I Fall For This Everytime?
  178. Nuclear Winter On Trushel Friday
  179. Can Somebody Make BostonRed's Picks Plain?
  180. Sporting New's PSA
  181. I bet ASU +3 today, it looked good.
  182. fezzik
  183. anyone get 2H Siena +7?
  184. Advertising
  185. More CityCenter trouble.
  186. Boston on Baskets Returns Tonight.
  187. Theoretical NBA ROR problem for the very bored
  188. Korean Manager Saves Face, Loses WBC
  189. I finally took the plunge
  190. Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer
  191. Why Syracuse is not tired
  192. Can someone please post Andy Iskoe's lifetime records
  193. Knicks 2H and Under on March 20? Anything fishy?
  194. Can We Have Every Pick In One Thread, With A Record?
  195. Sharp play of the day is...
  196. Caesar Implores Fezzik To Stop Picking CBB
  197. ncaa pick
  198. Laying -110
  199. Line manipulation on 878 under
  200. Why isnt UC Riverside 16-4 ranked?
  201. Collect a fat dividend and await the recovery
  202. Going to the Fair...
  203. If Boston has any money left, who does he like this weekend?
  204. 2nd hlf mizz UN 40, con UN 41.5 ev
  205. Sunday,,,One Day At The Time..
  206. Global Earth Hour
  207. POTY, Mich St+7 parlay with UND 138
  208. I took a big shot with MichSt+7 parlay with UN 138 today
  209. The Case For One Room Only At RTP
  210. I bet both openers at The M, Great Book.
  211. We listened!
  212. thoughts on KC Joyner?
  213. 815 Spartans +4.5 Golden Nugget, one fine bet
  214. The Paradox Of "The Short Sample"
  215. Another Reason To Play Keno Rather Than Bet On This Govermment
  216. Mourning Retirement Ceremony
  217. Gotta be + ev, right?
  218. College Baseball blog
  219. Vegas Insider Seminar
  220. Losing A Sportsbook Ticket In Las Vegas: For Sam B at LVA
  221. Baseball season wins picks.
  222. Who is the biggest all-time loser in High Stakes Poker?
  223. The great daringly MLB disaster of '05
  224. Is Craps Becoming A +EV Bet?
  225. The Heim As LVA Investigative Reporter
  226. So What Was The Record With Alan Boston? It Seems To Be Shielded.
  227. Watch out, Custer is a moderator now
  228. American Idol Market
  229. "Doyle [Brunson] is a big fat cheat..."
  230. Two Announcements.
  231. Baseball Play-of-the-Day
  232. vBulletin Chat
  233. Free MLB Telecasts For The First Week
  234. Jeff Haney's Article in the LV Sun Today: NCAA ML vs. Futures
  235. NC 2nd half UN 41
  236. The UCONN Huskie Women Tonight
  237. Who uses a humidor?
  238. Jeff's RTP organizational complaint thread
  239. Matchbook LOWERS baseball commissions to .6% on sides AND runlines, .8% on totals
  240. Some Champions League stuff
  241. Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in car crash.
  242. Good City Center article
  243. A Call for more posting.
  244. An Alternative To The Summer Gambling Doldrums: Piracy
  245. EOG poster recommends betting both sides of a game ...
  246. Outright winner, Masters - Campbell
  247. The M Buffet Breakfast And Lunch
  248. Charparone suffers caviy search
  249. MLB defense
  250. the few (or none) who follow h racing